Clothing that’s as creative as you are.

The creative act is what sets us humans apart from animals. There’s only a small percentage of people in the world that’s able to create something from nothing, that can make things just happen – and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them.

And yet, we all wear the same boring clothes. As if being creative was something to hide. Something not unique enough.

We’re here to proudly claim our creativity.

We were born to empower creative people to shout to the world what we stand for. One tee at a time. Here’s our manifesto:


We are the creative. We are the designers, the programmers, the makers, the entrepreneurs. We create because we want to, not because we have to.

Our minds wander constantly from idea to idea. We explore. We seek. We revolve through the universe. We create in chaos, we create from chaos. From the outside, it might look like our actions are erratic. It might look like we’re just nomadicly roaming through entropy. And yet we are conscious, we are wary, we are mindful. Our aims are crystal clear and we strive every day to tackle them, just not your way.

Not everyone will understand this. You will try to simplify our complexity and deny our creative nature. You will see anarchy where we see opportunity. You will call us foolish, silly and thoughtless. And you know what? In a way, we are. You might as well call us MINDLESS.